NanotecMARIN developed new procedures and materials for:


  • 3D printing and 3D bioprinting

NanotecMARIN offers its expertise and techniques in 3D printing and 3D cell printing for the fabrication of customized 3D structures made of morphogenically active materials for various applications. In addition, our company has the equipment required for imaging and further processing. We are able to meet individual requirements with respect to the development of novel processes and methods.



  • Electrospinning

NanotecMARIN owns the technology and has developed suitable materials to farbricate via electrospinning bioactive wound healing nets, which we can offer for scientific purposes.


  • Beads

NanotecMARIN has the expertise for encapsulation of morphogenetically active polymers such as Biosilica and Biopolyphosphat, but also of enzymes and other biopolymers in pearls made of PLGA or other materials, for example for implant development, and sells such pearls according to customers request for commercial applications.



  • Molecular biology

NanotecMARIN has the expertise in molecular cell biology, in particular in the preparation of functionally active recombinant proteins involved in biomineral formation, as well as antibody production.